Friday, April 17, 2009

Just call me Betty Crocker!

So if you know me at all, you know that I don't/can't really cook! Well, I am proud to say that I made a delicious homemade dish or stuffed shells last night! It even looked pretty! There is hope for me after all. And everyone that ate it liked least they said they did. At least I can bake!! I must have been in a mood yesterday (and Kaia allowed me the time) but the dinner thing came after I spent a loooong time making baby food. But not just any baby food! This time I did some different things and when I was done, Kaia has a freezer full of new foods to try. This may be boring to you but I am so excited. Her menu includes green beans with mint (took me forever and she hated it!!), whipped cauliflower (very yummy...I may have to make it for the "adults"), plums and prunes! I also had to restock the sweet potatoes, apples and pears. Yay me!

In June we are participating in the Tour de Cure, a bike ride for the American Diabetes Association. Since it was so beautiful today, we finally took our bikes out of the shed, dusted them off, filled the tires and went for a ride. Kaia even came with us!! We only did about 2 miles but it's a start. We will be doing the 15 mile course for the actual ride. It's in Narragansett so come watch and enjoy the water!

And since it's been a while since I have reported on the Kaia goes. She is sleeping through the night, in her own crib and has 4 teeth that I can count! She is so much fun and is now on the move and getting into trouble. For instance, today we went to Gymboree since it is Gymbuck time, and we found the cutest little caterpillar stuffed animal. We decided to buy it and proceeded to give it to her to hold. While I was shopping, I assumed that Sean was watching what she was doing. I thought wrong! When I looked down at her, she was eating, or had eaten, half of the price tag off!! There was a piece way back on her tongue and she wouldn't let me get at it. What great parents we are! So I had to pay for the stupid thing by handing the cashier the wet and half-eaten tag! Oh well....she is so much fun!

Enjoy the pics....I like the one where she looks so little compared to the door, washer, etc. I don't have any new Sadie pics to post, sorry! But, she is doing well, getting bigger and is the spitting image of her daddy! We love her! Have a great weekend...I'll be at work :(

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Pics!

I don't have any pics to upload right now, but I promise I will soon. Stacey did another photo session and the pics are up! Check them out and be sure to click on "slideshow" if you want to see them all. She did a great job with a somewhat cranky baby!! Thanks my talented friend!!

I am on the mend and back at work. This is good news for Kaia because we have been able to visit little Miss Sadie and Auntie again!! We missed everyone (Uncle too)!! I do have pics but see above statement. Soon, I promise!! Sadie is still soooo tiny and beautiful! I'm so happy not to be quarantined anymore!!