Monday, January 4, 2010


Where did the time go?? And why haven't I posted since Halloween? Oh well...I hope everyone had wonderful holidays!! Today I started my new job; I think it's going to be a keeper!! Normal schedule, home every night with the fam, no weekends, no call, no holidays!! Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Tomorrow I turn 30. No happy face after that! 30 scares me, I don't know why. Oh well, life goes on. Kaia is 17 months old and in to everything!! As I was typing this, she ran into the bathroom and flushed the toilet!! Thank God she didn't flush anything down the toilet!! She is so much fun even if she is a monster!! Enjoy a few Christmas shots of her and Sadie courtesy of Samantha Marie Photography.

Gus was neutered last week and is on his 4th collar attempt to keep him from biting his staples. He ripped out his stitches while he was still at the vet, hence the staples. 4 more days of this....I want to take the staples out myself!!

Sean is running around like a crazy man but hopefully we'll see more of each other with my normal schedule, even if he doesn't have one. Anyway....must go chase the monster before she does something not so funny!!