Friday, October 24, 2008

Where did my kid go?

I think someone took my colicky, screaming baby in exchange for the happy and smiley one I have now!! Where did she go? I think I'll keep this cutie!!

Kaia has now rolled over from her belly to her back! This is a big milestone for all of you non-parents out there!! Of course, mama (me) is the one who has been working with her on this and who got to see her roll over?? Daddy of course!! I was upstairs making a pie (this doesn't happen often) and Sean yells up to me that she just rolled over! At least I got to see her do it yesterday. We love her!!

Here are a few pics from last weekend. Since Sean was away, we didn't join the gang camping but we did visit. Here is Baby K with Nonny!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nap Time!

So my child who never sleeps is now sleeping (napping) at 8pm! How on earth will she sleep tonight?? Maybe she is just excited that her daddy is coming home tonight after being gone for 5 days!! We missed him! Kaia and mama had fun together though. We were sad that our Red Sox lost! Kaia sat in her Bumbo chair yesterday, what a big girl!! Of course, we had to take pictures and send them to Daddy!!

We are so excited to meet Auntie's new baby in a few months! Not only am I a new mama but I will be an auntie for the first time as well! More good baby cousin Vicki is preggo with #2, Emma will be a big sister soon! Congrats guys!

Kaia is going to be a crazy hat girl! How cute are they?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun Facts!

Here is another one I stole from another blogger! Fun facts!! Here goes...

I AM...a new mommy!
I baby to be happy and healthy in life.
I HAVE...more than I need.
I KEEP ...dreading going back to work!!
I WISH I COULD an author and write a fabulous best seller!
I HATE self confidence.
I FEAR...snakes!!! With a fierce passion!
I HEAR...Kaia fussing!
I DON’T THINK...I will be back to the sunny Caribbean anytime soon!
I REGRET...not choosing a different profession.
I family.
I AM NOT...happy with my stretchmarks! Thanks Kaia!
I DANCE...with my baby in the puts her to sleep!
I SING the shower.
I NEVER...smoked a cigarette!
I RARELY ...drink alcohol. Actually, it has been over a year.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH...Message In a Bottle and I'm sure I will shed tears when I see Marley and Me since the book makes me cry every time I read it!
I HATE THAT ...Sean is so far away right now.
I AM NOT ALWAYS...fashionable.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT...all the things I should be doing for my child.
I night of uninterrupted sleep!!
I SHOULD napping since Baby K just fell asleep!

Kaia slept in her crib last night!! That was a first for us and she lasted a whole 6 hours!! Her and I are alone for 5 days while Daddy is in Minnesota taking a class for certification as a flight paramedic. Good luck honey!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Little Fatty!!

Kaia had her 2 month visit this week (though she is 10 weeks already!). She had to get her first shots which wasn't very fun, even for me!! On a good note, she gained 3pounds in 5 weeks and is now in the 75th% for weight!! I am such a proud mommy! I can't believe how much she has changed from only a few weeks ago. Don't get me wrong, she still isn't what I would call the happiest baby (haha), but she is sleeping better and smiling for me often (of course, this is only when I am alone with her so no one believes me!!). Before I know it, I'll be feeding her solid foods. It is true when they say this time flies. I am going back to work next month already! I am so sad about that; I want to be with her and witness all the neat and exciting things she will do. I am fortunate that I don't have to leave her in the care of someone else 5 days a week though so for that I count my blessings!

Jaclyn is already 20 weeks pregnant and looking adorable! See what I mean about time flying?? How is she halfway through this pregnancy already??? Baby K is so excited to meet her cousin. However, she refuses to tell anyone whether she is having a boy or a girl cousin! Either way, I am sure they will be BFFs!! (Oh and my title to this blog was not directed at you Jac!).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Coolest Kid in School!!

That is what I feel like right now! You will likely see the same on Jaclyn and Anna's blogs. So, thanks to Anna, Jaclyn and I (and Anna) had a brush with fame tonight. She invited us to UConn to see Jodi Sweetin (aka: Stephanie Tanner from Full House)! She was speaking about her life and her battle with addiction. Well, being that Anna is the coolest kid in class, not only did we get to see her speak and have excellent seats but, and you may not believe this, but we got to go with Anna to pick her up at her hotel!! Yes...we rode in the car with Stephanie Tanner!! How cool is that?!! It wasn't a long ride and she was totally nice so it wasn't weird at all. So down to earth! And of course my camera wasn't working right so our pics aren't the best but I will still share. I know you are all jealous!!!

And of course I have to add some recent K pics!! It was my first night out and she stayed with Daddy for 5 hours without me! I won't harp on the fact that she wasn't in her pj's when I got home!!