Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Thanks to Vicki and Scott for having us over yesterday. We had a blast! Kaia went in the kiddie pool (with her bathing suit and swim diaper on) and promptly decided she wanted out. So after a whole 2 minutes, I took her out and changed her back into her regular diaper and clothes. Bad idea!! She crawled back over to the pool and started splashing her little hands so much that she was soaked. So...she ended up back in the pool, fully clothed and played for a long time! I had to take her out because her little arms and legs were cold. I think we may have a little water bug on our hands!! We won't talk about the state of her diaper when we took her out!

All the kiddos were so cute yesterday. Sadie was smiling and talking and it's hard to tell who is who when she sits on her daddy's lap!! Matthew slept the whole afternoon and Emma played and played! Hope she slept well last night! I think Anna & Eric need to get working on a little Milot to add to the group!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Let's Go to the Zoo!

It was supposed to rain today so we cancelled our practice bike ride but we ended up still having fun! We took Kaia on her first trip to the zoo! We went to the Rogers Williams Zoo in Providence and had so much fun. She loved seeing all the animals and other kiddos around. The rain held off..mostly and we made the most of our first day off together in a long time. There is a carousel close by and K and Sean went for a ride together! From there we went to the Cheesecake Factory (yummy!) and Kaia pretty much behaved there too! She sat in the big girl high chair and managed to throw 4, yes 4, spoons onto the floor for our poor waiter to pick up. She also managed to dump her own food that I had brought as well. Welcome to parenthood I guess! I also had my first experience changing a poopy diaper in a cramped bathroom stall. The stories I will have to share with my little cutie!

Kaia even let us walk around the mall and shop a bit too! Thank you honey for my Valentine's Day gift (we are a bit behind this year)! I finally got my Pandora bracelet and I love it. Can't wait to keep adding to it. Maybe I'll get one for Mother's Day by Christmas. I'll keep my fingers crossed!! We made the mistake of giving her a little football to play with in Old Navy and when it was time to leave the store, someone did not want to part with it. The screams, the screams!! So now, our favorite new toy is a cute little football, Pop will be proud! Needless to say, she fell fast asleep on the way home from her first crazy, fun-filled day! Welcome to my new life!!

PS: yes, I now have bangs (I copied you Tina!!) and I am wearing my ultra-cool FBI jacket (thank you Pam!) that I love!! Time to paint the living room...or watch the Red Sox game!! Cheesecake later (thank you Danielle!!).