Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big Change Ahead :)

And no, I'm not pregnant!! I will be leaving the place that has caused me much misery and stress!! I have accepted a position with Eastern Connecticut State University in the health services building. I am so excited. No more weekends or holidays and it is a state job complete with state benefits!! I start on January 4th (the day before my 30th birthday..yikes) and I am really looking forward to it. No more BS to deal with, no more being forced to see patients with complaints that I am not comfortable dealing with. Now we just have to get Andrea out of there too!!

Sean and I took Kaia to Lapsley Orchard to pick apples today. We were hoping for a hayride and pumpkin picking too but I guess we have to go elsewhere for that. Next week I hope!! Busy weekend ahead, Liz and Carl's wedding (at the place where we got married 7 years ago!) and then hopefully the Big E on Sunday. Grammy Pammy is taking Kaia overnight again on Saturday and we are praying for a better night than the last one!!!

The stupid computer isn't letting me upload pics..I'll have to try again later!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bad Mommy

So I know I hadn't updated in a bit until last week but I completely skipped over a very important event that occured over the summer. Kaia turned 1!!! We had nice weather for her party and we/she really enjoyed the day. Elana from Sweet E's Bakery made gorgeous (and delicious) cupcakes and Kaia loved hers!! As always, it was great to share the special day with so many of our family and friends! Thanks everyone!!

Yesterday we went to my cousin Megan's wedding at Tyrone Farm in Pomfret. What a beautiful place!! Congrats Megan and Tim!! Kaia didn't join us for this event though, she is spending the night with Grammy Pammy and Grandpa! What am I doing up at 7am you ask?? Well...funny you should ask! This was our first night sans baby in over 13 months and let's just say the night didn't go as well as expected. We planned to use the hot tub but when we got home it was raining :(
Sean was tired from all the Octoberfest he drank anyway so off to bed we went. Midnight came and the dog threw up in his crate. Out we went to let him do his business (in the rain) and clean up his mess in the crate. Back to bed for me...until 2am when the dog threw up again in his crate!! How is it that I am the only one who hears this and is capable of getting out of bed?? Second trip of the night for me!! Then hubby gets up to the bathroom for some Motrin I believe. When he is searching in the medicine cabinet, he knocks out a bottle of nail polish and it landed just right!! Yup...we have spent the early morning hours of our "free time" cleaning up pretty pink nail polish that landed all over the tile floor, in the grout, on the toilet and even the walls! Sean just left to get more acetone!! Yay to us and our special night alone!! hahaha.....

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I know, I know...I'm really bad at this thing. But, to my defense, I do have two children now!! 2 whole weeks ago we brought home Augustus Griffin Trainor (Gus), our new puppy!! He has been a ton of fun (and equal the amount of work too!). Thankfully Kaia loves him and doesn't seem to care when he bites her! I think they will grow up to be best friends!! She already sits on him and pets him by banging on his little head! And they literally chew on each other toys...Yes Kaia chews on his toys too!

We have 2 more family weddings this month...congrats Megan and Tim and Liz and Carl! I promise to try and post pics more regularly :)

Kaia is growning like a weed...she basically runs (away from me!) and has her own little personality (or attitude)! She is so much fun and I love watching her grow everyday (except on the days that I have to work and I'm trying to work on that too!!). She even has a bunch of hair now! Little Ms. Sadie is growing as well. She still hasn't really let her mama sleep much though. I pray for her internal clock to settle soon!! Happy long weekend everyone!!

Enjoy my new family photo!! Courtesy of Sonia who took some great photos but I have to say that I love this one the best!! It makes me crack up every time I see it!!