Sunday, November 7, 2010


Wow, again I have let several months go by without updating this. I can do this today because my little cherub is at her "Grammy's" house! Sean and I had an entire date weekend and it was fantastic! We miss Kaia though and can't wait to see her today. Friday we went to dinner and a movie and slept in!! Last night we went to Providence and saw the Cake Boss!! It was great and no, we didn't get to eat cake! We did go to a little dessert restaurant after (at 10:30 at night!!) so I almost felt "young" again!! was a nice night out.

The fabulous Sam of "samanthamariephotography" came down for a visit a few weekends ago! I will share a few photos but I don't want to spoil my Christmas card so only a few!! For the first time, Kaia actually laughed, smiled and said "cheeseburgers" for Sam! It is usually the hardest thing to get that child to smile for pictures! She is always laughing but for some reason would clam up for Sam! Thankfully, she really hammed it up this time!

I can't believe that in a few short weeks it will be Thanksgiving! I have started making my Christmas lists of things to buy and even marked the day for getting our Christmas tree on the calendar!! I'm getting excited but am I ready for this??

I really like how people post what they are thankful for this time of year. I'm thankful for my family most of all, but also for my health and the health of those I love. It's easy to forget how blessed we are.......

On the hubby front, Sean is currently taking Microbiology (yuck!) towards his nursing degree! I'm so proud of him for taking this giant step in his life! He will be a fantastic to get through the next 2 years of full time work, childrearing and school........yay me!! haha...

Wow, free time makes me write alot!! I think I'll post what I'm thankful for daily on my facebook page. It really makes you reflect on what you have! Happy holiday planning everyone and I'll "try" to update more often (in case anyone is reading)!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I've neglected you.......

Wow! It has been nearly 2 months since my last post and I apologize! Time is slipping away and I am powerless to stop it. So here goes: Kaia Sean Trainor is now 2 years old! She was such a good girl and seemed to enjoy her party and to this day she is still singing Happy Birthday to herself. She was spoiled by her family as usual and now has a nice array of new toys to play with...lucky girl! Her Daddy wanted to splurge on a moonbounce so that we did! I believe it was the highlight of her day and she was very sad when the "trampoline man" came to take it away!

Last week we went to Boothbay, Maine with a big group of family and friends. It was a blast. Not very relaxing but what is with a 2 year old?? It was nice to camp on the water, eat great food (lots of lobster) and just not have to be anywhere!! I could get used to that way of life!!! I signed Kaia up for dance class for the fall so we'll see how that goes.....

Otherwise, not much has changed and we are back to the daily grind! Enjoy!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Gus!!

Augustus Griffin Trainor turned 1 yesterday!! There have been times during his first year that I didn't quite think he would live to see this day!! Here's to hoping that he'll calm down with one year under his belt!! We love him though. To celebrate, we took him (and K) to We-Lik-It ice cream (yummy)!! He thoroughly enjoyed his cone (see for yourself to the right)!! Kaia was such a big girl and sat at the picnic table and ate her entire cup of "i ceam" herself!! This coming from a child who NEVER eats!!

And to top it all off, poor Anna has been laboring ALL weekend long! We have been glued to our phones for any updates all weekend long. We're praying for you Anna and come on out baby Bean!!! We can't wait to meet you and hear what your "real" name is!!

Off to Ms Aubrey Rickard's 2nd birthday party today! Happy Birthday Aubrey!! Here is a pic of what Kaia let me do for the party today!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Crazy Weekend......

We can't catch our breath this month!! Sean and I had a wedding on Saturday so Kaia spent the night with Grammy Pammy and Papa! She loves it there so there were no issues! She went swimming, out to eat, played, played, played!! Here are some pics to prove it!

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's out there! We spent the day with Sean's Dad, Pam and our little girl. Went swimming again where we quickly found out that Gus is a natural when it comes to water.....walked right down the steps into the pool and was rather happy!! Yet another way he is the complete opposite of Griffin!!

Keep your fingers crossed for me.....the boot may come off tomorrow!!! And, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Bean Milot who may enter this world sooner than expected! My cousin Anna is now on bedrest and will have an amniocentesis tomorrow to see if Bean's lungs are developed enough to make his grand debut, so keep your fingers crossed for her (and him)!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Getaway!

Sean and I spent this past weekend in New Hampshire at The Woodstock Inn in the White Mountains!! It was perfect (aside from the boot)!! We enjoyed some much-needed time together...we ate too much, drank too much, shopped too much! Overall, it was very relaxing and lots of fun and it felt a little like our "old life"...pre-Kaia. We missed our little girl lots though. She actually spoke with us on the phone for a pretty long time, something she never really wants to do. She ran her Nonny and Pop ragged this weekend but it sounds like it was a good weekend for all!

I loved driving the Kancamagus Highway and pulling over to enjoy the sights. Makes me realize what sheltered lives we live!! Back to the grind today......Happy Week everyone!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend! going by way too fast :(!!!!! Enjoy a few pics from Pat & Cindy's annual bash! Oh and PS: the boot is still on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, at least we get to go camping next weekend!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Note to Self......

1. Update blog more often!!!
2. NEVER fall down the stairs again!
3. Watch what you say around your cute little girl because she will repeat whatever you say...over and over and over....
4. Don't leave the dog alone near a rug, he WILL eat it!

Wow..I need to update this thing. I think all my latest pictures are sitting on the camera, waiting to be uploaded. Good place for them, I know!

Yesterday was my appointment with the orthopedist where I was optimistically hopeful that my boot would come off, my crutches would be stored somewhere and I could wear 2real shoes again!! No such luck :( My foot is still broken, healing but not healed so I am in the boot for another 6 weeks!! Good news is I can toss the crutches now (this was nearly impossible when I was alone with my little monster)!! 6 more weeks of limping, 6 more weeks of wearing my ugly nursing clog on my good foot because it's the only shoe I own which equals the height of said boot! Yay me!! Could be worse I guess but we are in month 5 of this injury so this just plain sucks!! We did go get an exercise bike though so I can speed up my weight loss journey a bit! It was either that or swimming and how am I going to do that around here, with a child? Actually looking forward to "riding"!!

My little Kaia isn't so little anymore. She is 21 months old and I am already planning her 2nd birthday party! How????? She is at such a fun stage (most of the time) and having conversations with her is hilarious and uplifting. What a cutie and a smart girl too if I do say so myself! She can count to 12 by herself and higher if you help her. Love that girl! Apparently, Sean and I often use the word "dummy"...not too bad but not great when your little one starts repeating it. "Move Dummy" the dog, "mommy dummy" me, "dummy, dummy"...just because we tell her not to! And we won't even get started about her use of the word "firetruck" which she says exactly how you think she would. A small four letter word that gets the crowd laughing....not good!!!

The dog is the dog...enough said! If anyone wants him, he's free!! Just kidding. I will have to upload said photos later and post soon. Looking forward to a birthday-party filled weekend!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter is Here!!

Wow...April 1st already?! This seems to be a common theme but where does the time go? I figured it was time to post some of Kaia's Easter photos, courtesy of Samantha Marie Photography!! Thanks Sam! I can't wait for this upcoming Easter weekend festivities! It will be so exciting to watch Kaia when she sees what the Easter Bunny brings her....if she behaves!! She is amazingly fun to be around lately, though her go to person always seems to be Daddy. She is so full of words (and attitude)!! She is such a little person already!! Where did my baby go? Now we really have to be careful what we say around her because she copies everything!!

I can't believe the flooding around town. We were so lucky...this time! Last year we suddenly started getting water in the basement. Of course this never happened before we finished the basement and then all of a sudden, we had to replace carpet that was only a month old!! Thankfully, my cousin's hubby Carl came to the rescue and found the problem! He sealed the base of the chimney (I think) and so far so good!! On the subject of carpets, my "puppy" seems to be quite fond of them for snack time! Over the past 2 weeks, he ate a total of 5!! So...his new home is the garage when we are gone and I am happy to say that I was able to upgrade to some new rugs that go better with my country motif!!

Foot update: Well, seeing as I fell down the stairs on January 8th, you would think that I was all better by now right? Nope!! I was seeing an podiatrist but thought I should seek a second opinion after my foot was still killing me and I was back to wearing my normal shoes. This week I went to an orthopedist and long story fracture isn't healing (go figure) and I am now wearing a big ugly black boot and walking with crutches! Hopefully the crutches will help tone my arms for the summer!! This is not what I had in mind but I'll do what I need to do for my foot to heal. Thank God I trusted my gut and went for a second opinion. Oh and did I tell you...I actually have 2 broken bones now!! Yikes! Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Sadie!!

Wow! Little Miss Sadie turned 1 this week!! She threw a great party yesterday too!! Love her! She enjoyed her cupcake and didn't even make a huge mess...what a cutie!!

The foot update: it's broken! Yup, I was walking on a broken foot for almost 2 months! Now I'm in an ugly boot for another month and then we'll see. Hopefully it will heal fine now that we know what the problem is. I was starting to think it was all in my head!!

Enjoy this beautiful weather...makes me think Spring!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Congrats Sean!

Take 2...I accidentally just erased my entire post so here I go again! Yes, this is my monthly update!! Congratulations to my incredible husband on a much-deserved promotion!! Sean is now the Emergency Medical Services Program Manager at Windham Hospital!! I'm so proud of you will be great!! For the past week we have been driving in to work TOGETHER, dropping Kaia off TOGETHER, picking Kaia up TOGETHER, and having a real family dinner TOGETHER!! This is big for us and so far all is going well! We drive 35 minutes away from home to work 1 minute away from each other. I feel like I am driving Ms. Daisy each morning!! Kaia seems to be adjusting to the change quite nicely.

Since my last post I turned 30 and let's just say things haven't been going so well. Here is a recap of my last month:
~ I fell down my entire flight of stairs, with Kaia in my arms, after slipping at the top. Kaia was fine (THANK GOD) aside from bruises from my death grips! I on the other hand had a nice colorful backside from my momentary stop on each and every step! Along the way, I somehow managed to wrench my foot and now, 6 weeks later, I still can't fully weight-bear on it. I finally went to the podiatrist this week and after looking at my xrays he feels that I may have torn a tendon or done some ligament damage. So for now, I get to wear a boot, take some meds and have a MRI. Yay me...I love being 30 (and old)!!
~ My wallet "disappeared". My brand new Vera Bradley wallet!! Without fully putting the blame on my hubby, I'll tell the story and let you decide. We were walking out of BJs with our hands full of stuff and baby!! I had said wallet under my arm and Sean took it from me to help me get a better grip of what I was carrying. We loaded up the car, put Kaia in her seat and went home. That was the last time we saw my wallet...with all my precious belongings inside!! It has been over a month and no word so I'm assuming it's gone for good. I filed a police report just in case, had to cancel everything, etc, etc. Losing your wallet sucks...bad!!!

I guess it could be worse but I've had enough. I want to start the year over at 29 please!! On a happy note, little Sadie will be turning 1 in less than a month. My good friend is preggo and having a little girl (yay!) and my bestest Anna is almost half-way through her pregnancy and will find out the sex this week!! I personally think it's a girl but maybe that is what I am hoping for!!! You can see Jaclyn & Anna's blogs from my page. New life is always a miracle so that makes me happy!!

Here are a few cute pics of my Kaia. One is from her first day with pigtails and the other is from the Providence Children's Museum. She looks so little in her smock playing at the water tables!! Happy Valentine's Day all!! xoxo

Monday, January 4, 2010


Where did the time go?? And why haven't I posted since Halloween? Oh well...I hope everyone had wonderful holidays!! Today I started my new job; I think it's going to be a keeper!! Normal schedule, home every night with the fam, no weekends, no call, no holidays!! Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Tomorrow I turn 30. No happy face after that! 30 scares me, I don't know why. Oh well, life goes on. Kaia is 17 months old and in to everything!! As I was typing this, she ran into the bathroom and flushed the toilet!! Thank God she didn't flush anything down the toilet!! She is so much fun even if she is a monster!! Enjoy a few Christmas shots of her and Sadie courtesy of Samantha Marie Photography.

Gus was neutered last week and is on his 4th collar attempt to keep him from biting his staples. He ripped out his stitches while he was still at the vet, hence the staples. 4 more days of this....I want to take the staples out myself!!

Sean is running around like a crazy man but hopefully we'll see more of each other with my normal schedule, even if he doesn't have one. Anyway....must go chase the monster before she does something not so funny!!