Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Note to Self......

1. Update blog more often!!!
2. NEVER fall down the stairs again!
3. Watch what you say around your cute little girl because she will repeat whatever you say...over and over and over....
4. Don't leave the dog alone near a rug, he WILL eat it!

Wow..I need to update this thing. I think all my latest pictures are sitting on the camera, waiting to be uploaded. Good place for them, I know!

Yesterday was my appointment with the orthopedist where I was optimistically hopeful that my boot would come off, my crutches would be stored somewhere and I could wear 2real shoes again!! No such luck :( My foot is still broken, healing but not healed so I am in the boot for another 6 weeks!! Good news is I can toss the crutches now (this was nearly impossible when I was alone with my little monster)!! 6 more weeks of limping, 6 more weeks of wearing my ugly nursing clog on my good foot because it's the only shoe I own which equals the height of said boot! Yay me!! Could be worse I guess but we are in month 5 of this injury so this just plain sucks!! We did go get an exercise bike though so I can speed up my weight loss journey a bit! It was either that or swimming and how am I going to do that around here, with a child? Actually looking forward to "riding"!!

My little Kaia isn't so little anymore. She is 21 months old and I am already planning her 2nd birthday party! How????? She is at such a fun stage (most of the time) and having conversations with her is hilarious and uplifting. What a cutie and a smart girl too if I do say so myself! She can count to 12 by herself and higher if you help her. Love that girl! Apparently, Sean and I often use the word "dummy"...not too bad but not great when your little one starts repeating it. "Move Dummy" the dog, "mommy dummy" me, "dummy, dummy"...just because we tell her not to! And we won't even get started about her use of the word "firetruck" which she says exactly how you think she would. A small four letter word that gets the crowd laughing....not good!!!

The dog is the dog...enough said! If anyone wants him, he's free!! Just kidding. I will have to upload said photos later and post soon. Looking forward to a birthday-party filled weekend!!

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