Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun Weekend

Hello?!! Is anybody out there?? I don't think anyone has commented on my posts in FOREVER so I'm not really sure that anyone is really reading this thing!! Are you??

Anyway, in case you are....we had a great weekend! First we had my cousin Ben & his new wife Meaghan's wedding Saturday. What a beautiful day for a wedding and it was so much fun! The bride and groom looked so beautiful and happy. Sadie looked cute with her little hair bow too! I wish we could have stayed until the end but Kaia had other plans. She was really good (and really likes cupcakes!) but she was quite tired by 9pm so we ended the festivities a bit early. Life with a baby!! Congratulations Ben & Meaghan!!! We love you!

Yesterday we headed up to Wallingford to spend the day with Sean's Dad and Pam for his Dad's birthday (yes, we actually had 2 days off together in a row!). We had a nice lunch and took Kaia swimming...her new favorite thing. (See how tired she was afterwards??). The pictures just don't do justice to her little squeals and kicks!! I can't believe I'm posting a pic of me in the pool but I thought the choice of drinks was pretty funny!! And one pic of Kaia with her new shopping cart, complete with wooden food!! Thanks Grammy Pammy & Grandpa!

We are off to Maine midweek for camping in Freeport. I'm only worried about the drive with Kaia!! My parents leave for Ireland this week as well. I'm praying they have a safe flight!! Happy Summer everyone!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Puppies are Here!!

Which one will be the newest member of the Trainor family????